Poll: epi lp standard or schecter c-1 plus
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View poll results: epi lp standard or schecter c-1 plus
epi lp standard
7 24%
schecter c-1 plus
22 76%
Voters: 29.
ive found my self quite dumbfounded on this particular topic...

which guitar

im guessing the schecter--it looks, sounds, seems great (as in the specs.) but i have yet to play it.


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definitely take the schecter... u won't be dissapointed! i have a c-1 classic, and it is a thing to behold. c-1 plus should serve you well for many years.
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I have tryed both guitars out, the Schecter is in a diffrent league to the Epi LP Standard. The craftsman ship and the electronics are so much better in the schecter.
By all means go for the schecter its just such a better guitar.
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Schecter. Never, ever, ever, get an Epi LP. I bought mine brand new and it was wrecked the day I got it.
Of those 2 guitars, I'd choose the Schecter. I prefer the look and feel of the Epi, but I prefer the construction of the Schecter. Plus Schecters have much better hardware and electronics than Epiphone.
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ive got both.

the schecter is a little lighter, the neck is a little narrower. the frets are higher, the hardware and electronics are better. stock pups are better, better ballanced. but has a coated neck some guys hate. cause it gets sticky when ur hand sweats.
the epi, has better classic looks...

if i could only pick one. i would pick the schecter.

the retail price of my schecter went up $200.
the retail of my epi went down $100 since i bought it.

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Do you need any more posts, it is over the schecter wins on here . but If you must have a lespaul style I would get a agile here http://rondomusic.net
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dude, no, agile's suck. I have a LP but i gotta go with the schecter, they are just outdoing the LP's now.