So I've noticed that a lot of standard line up bands (2 guitars 1 bass 1 drum, 1 guitar 1 bass 1 drum, etc) the bassist is always to left of the stage (right on the stage but left from the audiences perspective).
Would anyone care to enlighten me as to why that would seem to be the norm?
Noone cares about bass, lol. Unles their doing soemthing like a lead break or bass solo.
When my dad (he's a bassist) plays live in his band he always goes on the left of the stage from his perspective (right as the audience look at him). It goes (from left to right) Guitar, Guitar, Singer (drummer behind), Bass, Keys (if there).

So it isn't the norm. Its just how the band plays or whatever feels right.
i'd half expect them on the other side
because that way their longer. more dangerous neck would be out of everyones way
but also i suppose prodding into walls/amps/the crows in smaller venues

personally i would head to the left of the stage if i was to go onstage (i never have, and i play guitar not bass)
In my experience where the bassist is depends on the mood of the song. I've seen well done punk songs with the bassist jumping around just as much as the guitarist. I've seen softer songs with a distinct bassline where the bassist stands pretty much equal with the lead guitarist. But for songs with just root notes or simple basslines they seem to be towards the back of the stage.
I know a band where the bassist is usually on the right of the stage from the audiance perspective *left for looking at the audiance* just preference I guess?
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Bassists tend to stand near teh drums. It's obvious really - bass and drums are a team - you don't want to split that up. However, since I'm also lead vocalist, I stand in teh middle, drusm behind me and a guitarist on either side.
my band dont have a basist so it goes like this:

Left (audiences perspective): Russ (Rhythm Guitarist/Backing Vocals)
Middle (towards back): Matty (Drummer)
Right (audiences perspective): Me (Lead Guitarist/Main Vocals)
From The Audience Perspective

Matt - Bass and Backing Vocals Left

Me - Rhythm Guitar Vocals Center

Mike - Lead Guitar Right

Josh - Drums Center Behind me
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I guess what I really mean is: Why are amps where they are... wireless and long cables pretty much defeat the questions "Where do I stand", I'm talking more along the lines of live sound.