Hi all
just thought i would say i have now finished my guitar project. I cannot thank you guys enough for the help you provided as without it i would not have been able to do this. i am hopeless without wiring and JimPlaysGuitar helped me greatly with this, and meant that i didn't get fried like a crisp when i turned the guitar on. Dirk Gently helped me with my pickups, and just for your information, i have a seymour duncan 59 humbucker and two other unamed pickups, which i will replace at a later date. Mr.Hankey helped me with both of the above so a general thanks to you man. Thanks to anyone else who i havn't mentioned because i couldn't have done it without you.

internet guitar pics.JPG
internet guitar pics2.JPG
Hey, that turned out pretty nice. The fist is a nice addition.

Only thing I have to comment on is the unevenness in the paint (that it has slight gaps, divits, etc.) in it. The lines are straight though!

yes its a fiar point about the paint, it was tricky to do. I had to hand paint on some paint to cover up any areas that had got black spray on, which made it uneven, also if u mean the lacquer finish, i applied two coats of lacquer, which from the pic don't look that smooth i know, but actually is ok, not perfectly smooth like my other guitar, but for a first attempt at making a guitar i am pretty chuffed, and if it all comes off i can always redo the paint job with knowledge gained from this attempt. Also the pics really don't do it justice, it isn't that bad
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