Hello everyone,

I have 2 questions, going to combine them into one post instead of making 2 threads.

1) I've been using FL studio and its been great, but does anyone know of some good resources where I can get some good drum samples? I recording some metal/hardcore stuff and I need some good sounding rock samples ( heavy bass hits, china cymbols, good toms, ect.)

2) I've been recording my guitar with a computer mic up to the amp, and its actually been pretty good. Only thing wrong with the sound is its a little too full and or egh i dont know I can't describe it. Here is a sample I recorded (www.naturaguild.com/media/introtest.mp3 ). Is there any type of cheap PCI card with a guitar input in it or anything of that sort where I can get it to sound a bit better?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
We certainly share similar music interests and setups so I'll give you a couple of tips:

1.) As far as FL studio is concerned you can get better sounds from its stock setup by combing through and setting up a custom kit and then adding effects and tweaking a bit. Granted, the toms are always going to suck a bit regardless of the software and so will a couple of the cymbals. It seems the more sustain inherent to the drum, the harder it is to replicate it realistically.

2.) Either buy a good mic or maybe try a DI box like the Behringer GI100. It allows you to plug directly into your present sound card by converting the high impedance signal (typical of low grade mics) to low impedance signal that sounds correct and much less buzzy. This box also has a 4x12" speaker cabinet simulation on it that sounds rather good. Without this conversion your recording will always sound a bit cruddy if the mic isn't outputting a low impedance signal.

- you might also consider using something like Adobe Audition or another multi-track recording software if you are not already and EQing your guitar there. It won't make up for an originally weak sound but it will help. In any case, keep it up and have fun.
I agree with what Nostrildamus said about FL studio... the toms do sound back if you put some reverb and other effects in there, you can get some good samples. Also play around with the velocity in FL studio, that can add quite a bit of feel to the hits.

For the records, I just have a zoom g2 pedal that I plug into my soundcard's line-in. works great, it's how I did all my songs. That's really the only way I've ever recorded anything into the computer so I'm afraid that all the better help I can offer for that subject.
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Hmm, you're saying that FL studio has stock drum samples? I coulda sworn I looked thru every stock sample and didn't find any. Maybe I have a bad version? I did find a decent website to download some samples, but I kinda wanted a better selection.

The g2 effects pedal sounds pretty sweet, expensive im assuming tho.
I believe the drum samples I'm using in FL studio are under /packs/real kits/ or thereabouts (I'm not at home right now). In any case, I trolled around and found which ones sounded best for each respective drum and cymbal and then I tweaked them as best I could. It's worth investing the time in putting the guitar down for a bit and setting up the drum kit before programming or writing anything.

I output each drum seperately as its own track before importing them into Adobe Audition. In Audition I then set up the levels and EQ for each drum in the multi-track view thereby gaining more control over each drum sound individually. After I did the same for my guitar and the base I deleted any tracks in Audition and saved the empty multi-track view as a recording template. Now when I record I sit infront of FL studio and play and program as I go working out arrangements until I think I'm ready to finalize the drums. I then output the seperate drums by muting, for example, everything but the kicks and then outputing the .wav file and naming it "kicks". After I've imported each track into Audition I start laying down scratch tracks for each instrument and as the song develops I can tweak the levels and EQ of each drum seperately without going back into FL Studio and re-outputting the entire .wav file. The beauty of this setup is not having to re-EQ in Audition because I have a template for the drums, guitar and bass.
The best drums are in Packs>FPC. but i have producer edition so i may have paid extra for these meaning you dont have them.

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