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^ The leprechaun obviously didn't do it for them

"They say it changes when the sun goes down" - quite catchy, but still f*cking annoying.
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I like Arctic Monkeys. I liked them aaaaaaages ago. But now that NME have hopped on the band wagon, I have gone off them a fair bit. Good songs, but they are not "The saviours of British Rock" or whatever NME called them a while ago. Still love "A View From The Afternoon", great song.
^^Nice link there too!
i love it
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I intensly dislike them. I liked Fake Tales then i got bored of them, then people raved about them. Now i think they're pieces of smegma whom rape thier instruments.
One of my favourite songs on the album is Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secure, though I do like all the other tracks anyways. Though they don't quite deserve ALL the hype they've gotten, I think they deserve at least some because they're kinda left field here in Canada.

Still not too many people know of them near me, but the few who do absolutley adore them (including me) except my one friend.

Also, they're apparently going to record the second album in August. Whee! I like it when bands release stuff quickly so I'm not left hanging...though it had better be good, or at least decent.
Everytime I hear View From The Afternoon I think of New Way Home by the Foo Fighters.
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I like the Arctic Monkeys. There songs are fun and some of them are almost danceable. Yeah, Sometimes there lyrics arent the most deep, but they do have a few clever lines here and there. Overall they are just a fun band who writes about what they know.
I have yet to really decide about them. They have a few tunes, granted, but I just don't like the arrogance that goes with it.
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Love 'em. Seeing them tomorrow night at the Avalon
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saw them a few weeks ago. put on a great show. alex turner has good stage presence. not half bad for a british ****.
Nowadays all the songs on the radio, all drive me crazy.
The most overrated band by ****ty magazines ever.
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fake tales of san fransisco. the only song that has ever driven me to dance. although i still don't.

my band and i covered "i bet u look good on the dance floor" at my school talent show. we owned.
They are famous! I hate them!
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I hereby dub you the UG's new God of Love. Really. That was brilliant.

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the one called lukef speaks the truth.
That dead ringers thing is great
Tears in waves, minds on fire
Nights alone by your side
Arctic Monkeys are great! Their album is one of only a few I can actually listen to all the way through without skipping tracks. fake tales of san fransisco & red light indicates doors are secure are my favourite tracks
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I don't like them becuase everyone else likes them.

You listen to bands no one has heard of, like Circle Takes the Square WTF
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You listen to bands no one has heard of, like Circle Takes the Square WTF

Well, I have no idea what you just said but I was messing.

I don't like Arctic Monkeys because everyone insists (including my brother who is, thankfully, going through an Incubus phase at the moment) on blasting out their music everywhere. And that music is... it's not what I listen to.

Plus I'm pretty sure Monkeys is spelt "monkies".
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Fake Tales of San Francisco, I Bet that You Look Good on the Dance Floor, and Mardy Bum.

I kind of dig those Vicious Five guys in that link way earlier.

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Luckily I don't watch music television/listen to radio/read music magazines/read music articles anywhere so I don't know any hype on them and as a result can't relate to those things. This is probably good because I like them and i don't have it ruined by hype by NME (I don't even know what NME is lol). Also I think theyre bigger in Britain than US so probably more hype there.
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You listen to bands no one has heard of, like Circle Takes the Square WTF

Dude, they're ....amazing.

That's one band I need to see live.

Listen to Non Objective Portrait of Karma.

It's an easy song to get into...well, the easiest of theirs.

I take it you've only heard Crowquill eh?

Anywus, Artic Monkeys, ...uhh, I don't dig them.

They're one of those "moment" bands.

Pretty soon it'll be out with the old, in with the new.

I haven't bought the album yet, I'm sure my sister will buy it and I'll copy it, but as of what I've heard by em I really like whats its name the one about the wh0re and I bet you look good on the dancefloor.

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if you're in the UK and you watch deadringers:

i rofl'd

brilliant absolutely brilliant I even posted that on myspace *shudders*
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I think thats a good line. I guess they're okay on the whole. Nothing extremely special but they're solid. Their bassist left I think .
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Quote by Glen_Hansard
You listen to bands no one has heard of, like Circle Takes the Square WTF

Lots of people have heard of CTTS, mostly because they're very good.

On topic, still overrated.
Quote by Glen_Hansard
You listen to bands no one has heard of, like Circle Takes the Square WTF

CTTS is amazing
Guys, guys, guys, Nicky (Glen_Hansard/my sex-buddy) was messing, private joke. CTTS are coolpops.

and yeah, still don't like the Arctic Monkeys.
Because light strikes a deal with each coming night.
I'm listening the whole album as I type. I like it a lot. They're incredibly overhyped by the T.V. though. The weird thing is that me and my friend are like the only people I know who listen to them. My favorite song by them right now is either a Certain Romance or Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts. Good stuff.
they are so hyped up everywhere, then all my friends hate them so much. so i think things like, well they cant be that crap to be called the worst band, but also they are no where near the best band or whatever they are being labelled by nme BUT its alright stuff, many people can connect with it, so despite the overhypness i don't think theres much of a problem with it...
They're catching on slowly here in middle of nowhere, USA, and while I can't for the life of me fathom why they've caught so much ridiculous hype on your side of the pond, I'd much rather hear "Dancefloor" on modern rock radio than most of the awful nu metal schiesse that usually pollutes our airwaves.
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Fake Tales of San Francisco, I Bet that You Look Good on the Dance Floor, and Mardy Bum.

I kind of dig those Vicious Five guys in that link way earlier.

OMG FINALLY I GOT SOMEONE LISTENING TO THOSE GUYS! (and I think you're the first person too coment on a band I talked about or introduced here)
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