Hey guys,

I'm new on that forum !

I'd like to know, what do you all think about Dean Guitars ?

I personnally have a Dean Baby Z, and it's really great using it when I'm doing some Heavy Metal.

they are starting to be known in france... they weren't known that much these passed years.

So you guys, what do ya think of that brand ?

PS: by the way, sorry for my poor english !
They're fine, especially as budget guitars. They make quality guitars at reasonable prices, but they often get overlooked in favor of bigger brands like Schecter, Ibanez, Jackson and ESP/LTD.

I've never played a Baby Z, but I know the Deans I have played (Vendetta IV, DBD, and VX) have been great.
It's really hard to get deans in france, how did you get it.
Same thing for Schecter I got mine on the internet (which is pretty risky)
And don't get me started about Carvin!

I totally agree with Danno

T'habites ou superlardon?
Yeah kinda hard.

I got it from Willow Sarls... the french distributor.

You have several guitar shops where you can buy them...

In Bordeaux, in Paris... In all the towns where Michael Angelo Batio performed.
Michael is coming in France this year in september... I'm pretty sure that where we will see him perform we'll be able to buy Deans. |pretty sure the show will be in Paris|.

You can still order them to Willow sarls ! here: http://www.willow-s.com/sommaire.html

(J'habite Orléans. Viens regarder le forum => http://mab-france.forumactif.com/ <= en ce moment il est un peu mort, c'est parce que je suis entrain de tout remettre en place donc normal ! et toi t'habites où ?)
Dean are amazing guitars. Shame so few people know about them. All their products are well worth the price, and they can easily compare with other better known brands like Gibson and PRS. The american deans are really amazing. I like the Dean Z quilt.

you may be interested in this page:

List of all deans in France, and gives you info on where you can find them.
Deans are highly underrated guitars! I own a 79' V and it is just the sweetest damn thing. Wine red with cream binding and zebra humbuckers, gold hardware (ugggh... i wanna leave work now and go home to play it)

Anyway.. yes, Deans are excellent. They are built with quality woods and electronics. Mine even came with Grover Tuners. My pickups are original and they have awesome "vintage bite." Although I dont know if the same can be said about newer models. But it doesnt matter. They are built to last and they sound GREAT for any style. I play blues, metal, shred, classic rock, and instrumental (think Vai or Satch). This guitar can handle it all. The neck pickup is punchy like a Strat, but the bridge is rude like a Les Paul. With two diverse humbuckers and some fiddling with the tone/volume knobs you can get ANY tone from this guitar.
I love deans, i wouldnt say their overlooked though, it seems almost every metalcore act is now using one.
TEEP!!! Oiiiiiiieeeeeeeyyy!!!!!!
Thanks sashki ! It will be helpful for all french on that forum who wants to buy deans !

What do you all think about the hardtail ? I'd like to have one, but I never played one before... what are your opinions ?
I recently borrowed a Dean Custom 450 from a friend (I'm probably gonna buy it from him) and I love it. It's got an EMG H4 and an EMG H4a pickup, they sound great with distortion and also sound ok clean (the clean sound isn't perfect but that's mostly because of my amp) It's got X Jumbo frets that are wonderfull to play and the action is great.
i got a dean evo x in black(not xm)it is very, very versitile and the pickups are awesome, it is very well mage and the finish is very nice, my favorite part is the neck though, it is perfect for my hand and plays extremely fast, deans are underrated in my opinion and are awesome for metal, hard rock, and shred