I'm thinking about getting a new distortion pedal soon, and I was wondering how Zakk Wylde's MXR pedal was. If it sounds anything like it does on BLS studio albums, I'm in love with it already! It sounds ****ing perfect! Has anybody here used one? How is it? I also noticed that it has an output control. Would that make it easier to pull off those wicked pinch harmonics that he does?
i got one i dont really use it,it helps me get pinch harmonics out better.but if u want one we could maybe make a deal up pm me about it
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His name isnt Warren.
His name isnt Warren.
His name isnt Warren?
I thouht his name was Warren?

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Zakk's distortion comes from his amps, not the pedal.
He probably uses the pedal for a solo boost, which it's fairly good at doing. I tries one out a couple times, and although I prefer tubescreamers, the ZW was awesome.
Try it out though first, you never know, you might not like it.
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