well i'm running a mesa boogie 30 watt single 12 combo, and the sound is not enough when playing with the entire band. I was looking into buying an extension cabinet for it, but the only stores that have any are the mesa 2-12 cabs, and i am not lookin to give them 700 bucks for some speakers.

I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to what 2 12 cabinet would sound the best as an addition to the mesa amp pushing it. All comments are greatly appreciated.

And i play an esp deluxe ec1000 in a band that switches from really heavy to clean often.
ebay dude.

Vox 2x12 cabs are nice, Marshall makes them I believe.

but your best bet is a Mesa 2x12 cab.

or anything loaded with V30s.
yea i was thinkin about trying a vox out, the store called the other day and said they had one in, thanks
Just out of interest, which mesa is it?
id sig you but i have no room lol. so ill just bow down to your username

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