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7 50%
7 50%
Voters: 14.
well as we all know (hopefully) in the big britpop battle between blur and oasis, blur came out on top with country house at number one.

but oasis' success went on to sell millions of records and seemingly, they lost the battle but won the war!

so lets see how they both do on UG to settle it!(well sorta!!)

who do you prefer, blur or oasis?
Oasis have been more successful and had lots of decent songs but when Blur made a good song, it was usually awesome.
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Oasis songs i know who are good: Don't look back in Anger, Wonderwall and from the other two ones i don't know the name.

Good Blur song(s): Song #2

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^I absolutely agree (except for the "horrible" part, I'd say average).

Blur by a landslide for me. Anyone who says "Song #2" was their only good song has probably only heard "Song #2".
Oasis all the way.
Although I do like Blur too, just no way near as much.
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Song #2 is fun...

That said, it's all I've really heard by them. From what I've heard from both bands, it's a tie.