i thought this might be the best forum for this. i think there should be a forum for musicians who play stringed instruments other then guitar. anyways i thought i would test the forum out here first. if you play a other stringed instrument tell me about it.

i play a bouzouki, mandolin, banjo, and dobro
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I play guiitar, bass and just picked up the ukulele.. the uku is great adn is a lot of fun.. there is a lot more you can do than people initially think they can.. one of the most beautiful sounding instruments if played well..
hmmm.... more none-guitar threads...interesting...

anyways, i sometimes play a mandolin in music stores when i can't find basses, i also tried a violin once.
i play bass(upright and guitar)i also play violin,mandolin,chello viola,and thats it (besides guitar of course and piano)
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i play string bass, electric bass, mandolin, some banjo, and a little cello
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