Hey all, I've read many reviews on the K5 and it's been praised several times but still I'm not getting the answer I'm looking for. I previously had a Ibanez GSR200 which also had active pick-ups and I was finding that I had to replace the battery every week. I tend to play for at least an hour a day, and was just wondering if anyone could let me know the reliability of a battery on a K5, is it better or would I be likely to have the same problems, any suggestions would be appreciated

Ive Had mine for a while, ive never had a problem really, i changed the battery before every gig and i gig once a month minimum.

thats just my exp of it tho

hope i helped

Every week? What the hell, are you sure you didn't leave the guitar plugged into a cord when you weren't playing?
I know maybe there was something wrong with it I'm not sure, thats why I wanted to make sure with the K5 especially with it costing a lot more I didn't want to have the same problem again
Thanks, yeah it gave me some idea, I'mjust not sure if i want to be changing the battery all the time, and the whole taking the lead out as well can be a bit of a pain, I wanted one a lot then after having so much trouble with my last one I got put off active pick-ups and got a Mark Hoppus Bass now I'm intersted again because I know for a 5 string the K5 will have a slim neck compared to others, whats it like playwise
Active's should never have to be replaced that often. I seriously doubt you will have that problem if you always unplug the guitar.