I'm new to alternative tunings, so could anybody please explain me how to tune down to Drop C. I got a tuner but i think the lowest string is way too deep.
And yes I tried the search thing, but it didn't work.
get the E, fret on the 9th fret, play it then the A, and adjust until unison.

that is, of course, asuming your guitar is in tune.
if you have thin strings it doesnt sound right and goes out of tune incredibly easy so get sum .11's or .12's and then experiment with drop tunings
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I you have a tuner, press your halfstep/fullstep button twice, then tune down.

Mine say's b.bb.

b = half step
bb = full step.

Press it twice then tune down your strings.
Just tune your strings down (lowest to highest) C-G-C-F-A-D. If you're string gauge is above 52-10, it'll probably sound crumby.