I had a question about a really good sounding practice bass amp. I have a crappy old pawn shop 60W peavey amp which sounds like crap as compared to my other bigger/louder Rogue 120BT. Both amps are not the greatest, but was looking for suggestions on good sounding practice amp. I live in a "sound sensitive" apartment complex and wanted something that doesnt have to be too loud to sound good and also something that I could use at smaller gigs.

I use a Line 6 Bass Pod for home practise when I can't be arsed to set up my gear. Just plug in headphones.

Also you can plug it into a PA for gigs if you want. I do! Don't have to worry my back with backline.

I personally in your situation wouldn't bother with practise amps, since you already have a large amp. Just turn it down man! I'd be saving for a better quality and louder amp.