hey,got a new track done, im pretty sure death metal is the best way to describe it. It was loosely inspired by Belphegor. Tell me what you think..oh and sorry but its on myspace...Its "Sacristan Corpse"

ok, not a huge deathmetal fan, but I'll take a shot....

Double tracking the vocals makes it sound awesome, although theyre not really my style.

Guitars sound a tad thin, turn them up, vocals down. Just my preference.

Drums were insane.

Vocals at 1:12 were more to my liking, turn them ****s up!

This was great, add a solo!

check mine out if you get a chance, it's not death metal though.
Thanks alot for checking it out! I understand Death Metal isnt for everyone so i appreciate you listening. Checked out your song its cool!
I'm not a big fan of death either, I just didn't like the vocals, but that is more a matter of personal preference than whether they actually sound good or not. I did like the music though, but I think that perhaps the guitars should have been slightly louder.
yeah ive had that comment from a couple of people so i may adjust the guitar levels. Thanks for listening!
Hey thanks for checking it out,must say im always surprised when other people post death metal on here, not alot of it about.
If you turn the vocals down a bit, and get the guitar more present in there, it'd be awesome.
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The intro is very, very good. I have to say that these vocals are not what I appreciate in death metal at all, but they sound reasonably executed and recorded. Anyway, yeah the guitars are great, lots of hella fast triplets...I love playing that kind of stuff. Oh man that staccato guitar part arond 0:45 is great, too. Nice work on changing the rhythm up like that with those. It certainly sounds like death. That key change, I kind of didnt like so much, but key changes usually grow on ya. Yeah its a cool interlude kind of section. Something felt a little bit cut or slightly sudden about the transitions, though. The clean guitar you worked in is superb, too. Creates a somewhat eerie vibe. That quiet section was great, too. Nice effects on the guitars. Again the transition to heavier part sounded a little jumpy or something. Man, great stuff. I don't generally listen to death, but this was very professional sounding stuff. Great work. I hope one day my band can make recordings of this precision and quality too.

I'd really appreciate any feedback you could give me on this!
Cheers, Ro
Guitar work was awesome. Great job. Not a fan of growling vocals like this, but hey, for what their worth, it was really good. The mixing of it all was amazing. How'd you do the drums?
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Sweet song, Im totally into metal and **** (like Pantera, Children of Bodom, Slayer) not as much death metal but it sounded killer. insane drums and guitar, the vocals reminded me of Cannibal Corpse or something, they were good for the style you were goin for.