Well, I'm not in a band or anything yet, but I will be soon...I play through a 6505+ head and I'll be gigging regularly around small clubs and such...and I was wondering, would a 2x12 be enough to fill my needs? On larger gigs I'll be micing the amp anyway, so will it be enough? Plus I heard that 2x12s sound tighter and all of that. If I get a 2x12 it'll probably be an EarCandy Buzzbomb...but I'll get myself an Avatar if I choose 4x12.

what are you on about with that last sentence?? yes a 2x12 would be fine, i would actually say that 4x12s are tighter in tone and i generally prefer the sound of a 4x12 to a 2x12, but its up to you. make sure you get a marshall or cornford (if you can afford it) cab.
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make sure you get a marshall or cornford (if you can afford it) cab.

Last sentence translation:
If I get a 2x12 = EarCandy Buzzbomb
If I get a 4x12 = Avatar
I prefer 2x12's. They're easier to carry around, and two of them are definitely easier to transport than a halfstack.
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Earcandy Buzzbomb >> Avatar 4x12.

Get the Earcandy, absolutely great cabs, of a much higher quality than Avatars, IMO.
get 2 2x12's, easier to carry and you can put one on either side of the stage for better spread...my local bands don't seem to have grasped that concept yet, and just set up their amps on one side of the stage and you can't hear them if you go to the other side of the room
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4x12's look cool but they are heavy and cumbersome. 2x12's are practical but they just dont have as much of a rich rock star look. So its your choice get a cab that takes to people to move anywhere or get one that doesn't look so badass.