These two vids sound exactly the same except different instruments and different name of the song. The first vid from 1:08 and onwards sound exactly the same as the second vid, so pay NO attention to anything before 1:08 from the first vid.

vid 1

vid 2

anyone know what's going on?
at least the second vid they said it was a Vivaldi tribute, but the first one just renamed it not giving credit where it's due
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damn i shuolda known that.

I ought to scold you.

edit: ^ and they probably assumed people wouldn't be dumb enough to think its an original work...
yeah its the end of the movement of "summer" in Vivaldi's Four Seasons. I know some of it thanks to good ol' Alexi.
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How'd you learn it from him? I don't think it's in any of their songs.
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^theres a GP tab of it, and he has a video. It was rather easy but fun.
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I love Vivaldi's four seasons, I'm also pretty sure Uli Hoth played alot of it either on an album or live or something?

I'm currently attempting to tab out the 3rd movement of Summer.
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