anyone know of what gear i should get? i'm trying to get a sound near like john fruciante of the red hot chili peppers, or queen sounding like on "we will rock you". anything out there along those lines?
i'm planning to get new pickups too. any ideas? i like distortion, and a fat clean tone too. all i got to fit is a humbucker on the bridge. i was thinking of either a seymour duncan or a dimarzio, but beyond that i know nothing of pickups. any recommendations?
for starters...what kind of amp and guitar do you have, body wood etc?
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for a pickup iwould recommend a seymour duncan JB.....its on the trebly side though but tis a great pup

EDIT: on second thought no not a JB, maybe an alnico 2??
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the guitar is some k-mart strat i got when i was like 9. like i said only a humbucker on the bridge is what its got. i'd go for more but i'm not too tech savvy.
i have a crate gx-15 for my amp.
i'm hoping not to go over $200 overall. but i'd get sore if i even got near it.
You're not gonna' get anywhere near a Frusciante tone with that gear.
He uses Strats (neck pickup and bridge mostly), and you'll need a really nice and clean amp, which I doubt you could get with $200.
But maybe you could get something like a Vox Valvetronix that'll be really versitile.
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Roland Cube 15 + SX strat?

Sorry, doing my best here....

Sx strats aren't all that bad from what I have gathered
oh i meant that money for the pickup. i know i can't get crap otherwise with that money.