Recorded this on Saturday while testing out my shiny new Shure SM58 mic

Messed around by putting the vox through a Boss Me-50 multi-effects pedal for a nice bit of delay and stero panning aswell

Let me know what you think. It ain't gonna sound like Kurt though obviously , I sing an octave down for starters...


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I like it, sounded really good. Only thing i would change is vocal volume, but Kurt did sing it pretty quietly anyways. Overall its very good
Yeah- I wasn't sure how the vox volume had worked out, although it sounded okay on playback, maybe cos I have my recording software hooked up to my hi-fi as monitors.

I couldn't do much to get the vox louder really, as I was using my multi-fx pedal as a pre-amp.... this works for guitar but the signal from a mic is much weaker. Think I need to buy a proper mic pre-amp for next time

Thanks for comment though, glad you liked it
"You gonna bark all day, little doggy, or are you gonna bite?" -Mr Blonde

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I enjoyed it as well. I like the effect on the vox, and I think singing it in the lower register gives it a great feel. I also like the tone of your voice. With the lower octave and smooth vocals it gives it a wonderful subtle creepy feel. Kudos.
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I really enjoyed that, that was awesome man.
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Great job. Nirvana's not easy..

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thats a pretty good cover i like it
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I really dig the vocals for sure...sounds even darker than the original if that were possible...good work
Awesome man, I havent heard this particular nirvana song, but i like your version. Its pretty dark and erie which is cool, pretty cool vocal effect, the delay might have a been a tad much in one or two spots, but no big deal, and the guitar and vocal tones sounds good, like you and someone else already mention maybe a little more vocal volume, but sounds good dude
Nice tone on guitar, great vocals too. Good job

edit: I liked voices calling, nice song.
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Thanks for the replies I'm actually quite re-assured now, cos I wasn't all that convinced about my singing voice- I sing an octave down, which I don't have any choice about...
But its difficult finding songs that suit a deep voice. Its so dark I get creeped out by my own singing voice. meh

Maybe I should do some Johnny Cash songs...can't get much deeper than his voice!
"You gonna bark all day, little doggy, or are you gonna bite?" -Mr Blonde

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