Hey UG I have ordered a ESP LTD Viper 400 in the beginning of April from Musicians Friend and it has still not come in stock. It is estimated in at the beginning of June. In this time I have been looking at the ESP LTD Viper 400BD. I have only heard good things about this guitar and was wondering if I should wait it out for the Viper or go with the EX-400. Also I heard that that the EX-400 is neck heavy and a pain to play standing up. I'm a gigging musician and practice weekly will the neck be a problem while playing?
I have the EX-400 and love it. It is a little neck heavy but I got used to it. If you just let it hang, the neck drops but if you're playing it, the neck is in your hand so it's not really going anywhere. The extra pressure on your hand does make it a bit awkward to play lead but I find that if I stand like James Hetfield (left leg out front, right leg back), it's not so bad. Try it out in the store though. I'm sure they'll let you borrow a strap off the rack.