I don't have any experience with the Omen itself, but I do know that Schecters in general are usually reliable. Personally though, I'd recomend the Stiletto Elite 5 (if there is a single person left on this board who didn't see that coming, I'd be amazed) I have the Elite-4 (in black cherry of course....mmmm.....cherry.......) and it is quite possibly the nicest bass I've ever laid my hands upon. It also has higher-end pickups and bridge. If you can afford it, I'd strongly suggest you get it.

But if you have your heart set on an Omen, just play around with it. If it plays and sounds to your liking, then go for it. I have never heard anyone ever say anything bad about a Schecter bass. Everyone I've talked to who has played one says they were amazed with the quality from a bass costing next to nothing. Schecters play like basses costing twice as much, and I personally would take one over a Fender or Stingray any day.
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