I have a Schecter C-1 Artist on the way, I'm not sure what gague it has on it but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna wanna put 11's on it since they feel floppy on my 24.75 scale Agile.

What adjustments will I need to make and how do I do it? Thanks
just take the old strings off...
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if its new u prob have nines
i didnt have to do anything to go from 9 to 10
but im pretty sure 11 is a biiger change
mayb try 10 see if its better
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remove the old strings, inform the police, swing a cat over your LEFT shoulder 4.5 times, insert the low E string, then go to zambia for 5 weeks, and the rest of the strings should be fitted when you return. hope that helped
If it just has a tune-o-matic bridge (I THINK it does, but Im not sure?) you won't have to adjust it too much at all. Intonation and maybe some truss rod, but dont touch the latter of the two if you don't know what you're doing.
You will probably have to adjust your bridge due to the bigger change in gauge. Otherwise, it'll rattle when you play because they are touching the frets from rest. If you don't really know how to set up your guitar and adjust your bridge, get a pro to do it.