I am really into Metallica and as such, i want to be able to downpick like James and Kirk can. Any tips for building speed? And I know "practice practice practice", give me something else please.
Practice with a metronome. Start off at a low speed and turn it up 5 BPM evert two min. It will build stamina and speed.
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Yeah practice is pretty the only thing that you can do but, if you learn a song or five that can help you along the way like MOP or Seek and Destroy or any Pantera song for tht matter, your downpicking stamina and speed will build very quickly.
Also, do scales in all downpicks and in all uppicks. Sounds wierd but it helped me immensely.

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Just try to alternate pick EVERYTHING you play. be strict with it dont get down when u cant play things u used to be able to downstroked. It all comes with practice. It took me 6 weeks to be able to alternate pick everything i could play before and now i can build speed no problem. Also I suggest learning scales as it makes it easier to solo and improves ur soloing range.
the easiest and fastest way to sound like a perticular artist / band is to learn a bunch of their songs (IMO) so start off with something fairly easy like seek and destroy, then do 4 horseman, then master of puppets with all downstrokes once you can play master of puppets you will be fairly good at downpicking
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Relax the wrist. Start slow and build up speed. Start on low E down to high E, then why not practice the up stroke. Get to the point where you can hit any string without looking, ie, b a d, d e a, ect. Train your " brain to hand communication" to know where each string is without a thought. To play like Metallica you'll also need alternate picking, up and down strokes. So I would not suggest just down strokes. Hope that helps.
I know it's a bad habit, but for picking, I either anchor my pinky on the pick gaurd, or rest the side of my hand on the bridge (but so it doesn't make a palm muting sound), and yea, try your best not to do that lol.

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Play MOP, Blackened and Creeping Death everyday for at least 20min, all the way downpicking.
just slowly try and go fastrt and faster for like a half hour every day
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the best advice i ever heard came from mick thomson, he says play master of puppets and downpick it all, everyday it will get easyer, then once youve done that play trivium (like light, and the deceived)