I've been playing for about 7 or 8 months now, but i still experience cramps in my hand if I play for a little while. Usually it's either in my left thumb (probably because I'm pressing into the neck too hard) or in my left pinky (when I hold it stiff for too long). Anybody got any pointers as to how to reduce this discomfort so it doesn't distract me from playing?
Stop playing for a while then go back. If it stays consult a doctor, you may have one of those diseases or something.
Um... I don't really know
but make sure your thumb is behind the neck
and look in some books about technique
are you sure your holding the neck right? try warming up first before you do some heavy practicing
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^Yeah, make sure you warm up first. Stretch out your fingers and don't start with the hardest song you know. And take breaks regularly. We all want to just keep playing forever and ever but, unfortunately, the human body gets tired. 7 or 8 months isn't really all that long. Your fingers will get stronger.
all I can say is Stretch out your hand good before and after the song your hand cramps up on the most
Have a warm up - things like stretches for your fingers and such.

Always play relaxed - if you tense up STOP and try it again.