this is my first song me and my band wrote and we want some crits

Why didn't I lock my bedroom door
To block out all the screaming and to ignore
This domestic violence it makes me wanna go insane
You've tortured me for way too long I'll never be the same

And today I'll make it on my own I don't need you no more
And today I'll never be the same cuz you took it all away

I can't live like this another day
I might aswell just run away
I'm leaving i'm on my way to better things than this
your life is over when mine has just begun

I know it sucks but it is are first song so please be gentle. thanx
It's exactly like a thousand other songs I've heard from bands who are 30 years old singing about how it sucks to be 12. And Korn.
It's good....if you're a death metal band. If your country, then forget it.
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lol jk we suck