Since Schecter are building me my own custom guitar I need some help deciding what to have them fit to it cus so far i have this idea of what it will be like. Im thinking shape wise it will be the same as the Hellraiser avenger (the guitar will be quite similar to ynester gates from a7x). Whats the best type of Floyd rose, ive heard good things about the edge. i want a metal tone and was thinking of sumthing from seymour duncan or Bareknuckle. Tuners i was thinking grover and having a custom headstock and inlay which reads Maddy from 12th fret to 3rd fret and having gothic crosses for the rest. Paint was thinking black (original I know) Just want some ideas on what I should included. If you havent noticed I love a7x so want a guitar similar to that but also to be versatile enough to be used for other music. Yes im upgrading my amp to a Marshall JCM . Its going to cost around 1500 Dollars for the guitar depending what I have put in it.
It'll cost more. Mine is ending up costing $3000, with an OFR, Binding, Split Crown inlays, white, with no pickups.
if u want an a7x guitar get it in white with black ofr and black tuners, make it 24 frets with dot inlays. but thats my opinion. are u getten the shape like the avenger (pointed? top) ot the c-1 hellraiser (almost like a strat0) and did u call them to get ur custom guitar or is there a site to order the stuff like on the esp one, or carvin one
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id say seymour duncan pickups. if you do want kinda like a7x get 25 fret

why 25 frets 0_o im pretty sure they dont go past 22 in their songs and yea for pickups get the sh-8? invaders thats what syn uses and he has a ofr too jus out of curiosity is there a website for JUST schecter custom ghuitar stuffs or liek a form?
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