I'm back with a brand new spacey song! It's been a few months, but my music is still pretty weird. Either way, check it out at: http://kdz.dmusic.com/ .

I know I made a few mistakes here and there, but I did most of these tracks in one take, and I don't even remember what I did on half of them.

I'll try to crit back.
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Cool stuff... don't know how to define, if jazzy or what, but sure you play pretty good. You need a better recording though. And also that delay or what in some parts of the songs is annoying... a rythm guitar maybe would be better or another effect. Anyway really good playing.
The signal sounds hot because of the way I currently have to record. I'm running the direct out on my amp into the microphone port on my soundcard. Since the microphone port adds a bunch of gain to the signal, it tends to mess with my tones, especially distorted ones.
Wow, cool song! I also liked "Wondrous Space, Slightly Left of Center ".
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