ok i just heard some of the grateful deads stuff and its really good so could you more experienced grateful dead people give me there 3 top albums or the 3 albums to get first by them. thx
Anthem of the Sun
American Beauty
Terrapin Station
Workingman's Dead
Blues for Allah
In The Dark

They are all great.
Favorite studio albums... Hard to choose, but these are what I'd recommend...

Blues for Allah
American Beauty
In the Dark

That's a few for you to check out, but definetly try A LOT more than this.
Well, I say get 2 albums: American Beauty and Anthem of the Sun. Those are the 2 GD extremes. Pick which one you prefer, and then we can give you some more reccomendations
American Beauty and Workingman's Dead to the Grateful Dead is like what Toys in the Attic and Rocks were to Aerosmith. so get those 2.

be sure to get some live stuff as well. i'd start off with Skulls and Roses mainly because it's only 1 disc and they don't jam too long on most of the songs so it'll be easier to get into.