i'm looking for a multi effect pedal but i dont know which one to get. i dont really have time to go try any out, and i'm nowhere near a guitar store. (thats an exageration, but i just can never get my car anywhere lol) i've been told to look into the boss gt8 or the line6 pod xt live...but i dont have that much money. i just bought a new PRS Santana and i need something new to change my sound a little. either the amp goes or the effects. i have an ibanez tone blaster 100w . my budget is like around 350. not much...but idk what else to do.
Your amp is not so good and with a fancy effects pedal all your going to do is polish that turd/sound. In the end it'll still suck, get a new amp.

350 what? £$??
are u kidding me with this crap.

u post in the wrong section two times with the same question.
ur the 4th amp thread in EG section in a row. there's nothing but amp questions in here.

now go buy a better amp.

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Well if you get the podxt live, you could just practice thru headphones. THus, you wont need a new amp. Otherwise, get a better amp
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