I've been playin for about a year and a half now and my only electric is a Metal Master... don't worry I'm getting a new one. Since I'm buying a new guitar though I'm not very nervous to mess anything up on the warlock so I've been playing with stuff. I messed with the truss rod a bit and dropped the bridge all the way. I think the action is pretty sweet right now but I was just wondering if there is anyhting else you can do do lower the action besides the truss rod and just lowering the bride? And also I know the truss rod gives you different curves in the neck but what exactly are you trying to do with it?

Screwing with the truss rod to adjust your action can break your guitar. Make sure your neck has the correct bow in it (0 bow or a very very slight backbow) by adjusting the truss rod. Then use the bridge adjustment to correct your action.
u should know how to adjust the rod before u play wt it. a forced turn breaks the neck.

is ur action good now or not?

also have u checked ur intonation?

start on that page, at the bottom click the next page and do all the set ups.

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Yeah I know pro who said never mess with that rod unless you know exactly what you're doing (which is unlikely). You can really mess up your guitar so I would advise against that. But if you want to change your action, just mess with the bridge (like what you have done).
Yea I know messing with the rod is not the greatest idea and I would never touch it on a more expensive guitar but I just wanted to see what it was all about. Thanks for the help though!