do you use a pick or no. if you finger pick do you use your thumb for the first 2 notes or just the first and hitting each string after with the ecuivelant finger including pinky?
When I play it I use a pick but I THINK on the album it's finger picked. If you finger pick just remember the thumb covers the bass strings and each other finger (except the pinky) covers the treble strings. Basically just hit the first 2 notes with your thumb and use the rest of your fingers for the other notes.
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It would seem logical to fingerpick it because Randy played classical guitar, but It sounds like there is an electric and an acoustic playing the same thing and they all sound like they are picked. It could be long nails though
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you can play it either way, randy played it picked

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it was randy who did wrotew that song. It was ozzys second guitarist because randy was dead at the time it came out. unless mybe he wrote it before that and alex just played it for the album? also randy didnt play with his nails. hmm anyways many people have said to pick with thumb on bass strings and fingers for treble. are there any exception for this ever? thanks guys