I just recorded a new tune, Take some time. You should give it a spin and send your hate mail my way. Its a tune about the homeless inspired just seeing the conditions in which they live when i went with my church to feed them. Give me your opinions and i will be forever grateful.

I would be more an happy to give a crit for a crit.

peace and love.

Nice simple progression- the kind of stuff I've been getting into lately. The pitch on the voice starts off a bit off, but it seems to get better as the song goes on. Try warming up before you start. Otherwise I can't really flaw it. That's the advantage of those simple progressions. You can do anything with them- whether you put a full band over it or strip it back to guitar and vocals like this. Good job man, just work on your voice (like I need to do).

My song- Return to Sender (Hate)
Thanbks man, the sad part is, i did warm up before i started. Yea, its sad. Im just starting to sing out and im really unsure of my voice. Thanks for the crit.
The vocals have a nice "indie" hollow amateur sound to them right now.

Try adding more reverb and presence into the mix, it'll smooth things out quite a bit. And keep working on your voice.

Good song overall, enjoyed it.
Dude, where's your drums? Where's your drums dude? Dude, where's your drums? Dude.
Thank you good sirs, this is my favorite song I have written so far. I plan to rerecord this soon in the future with a bit steadier vocals. Thanks for the reviews!
peace and love,