I'm looking for a good site on the net for ordering guitars, specifically ibanez. I was wondering if somebody can give me a site that you can trust because you have used it before, and i want good deals!
Musician's Friend. They are great. Have a great selection, average prices (not overcharged) and sell almost anything. They definitely have an array of Ibanez. I just got a Schecter from there last week.
Musicians Friend.com is where I go. Trustworthy and they have some good deals on most things.
the lesser known of the 4
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For multiple types of (quality) copies:


Wait so what's the deal with these guitars?

For that cheap of a price i'm thinking they aren't very good.
They are guitars, made by a company. They're pretty quality copies for the prices they are sold at. Some say they are better than the majority of epiphone copies, so that should give you an idea.