I'm looking for a new guitar but there are so many to choose from, what do you guys recommend?
whammy bars are cool
well, wat do you play? whats ur price range? wat are you looking for in the guitar?

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Geeze, why don't you just give the kid a pistol to shoot at his head? Telling someone to go buy a B.C. Rich - and on a budget - is like giving someone a gun and telling them to commit suicide.

1) What's your budget?
2) What are your preferred musical styles?
3) Are you in a band?
4) What's your current guitar?
5) What's your current amp?
6) What features are you looking for in this guitar?
7) Can you tell all of your friends on the forum that I am quite bothered by how some "n00bs" never tell us fine UGers the above answers? Please?
im guessing he is just starting out based on join date, isnt in a band, doesnt know how to play, and has a low budget. so maybe a pacifica or somehting?
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muffin man pretty much hit it right on the mark
whammy bars are cool