I hold my pick with the tips of my right hand thumb, index finger and middle finger. It is extremely hard for me to figure out how to do pinch harmonics holding the pick like this. does n-e1 have any tips?
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I hold mine the same way, but typically there is a hold note before a pinch (sometimes its small, but its there) and in that time i take my middle finger off, and slide my index around so that my thumb is essentially pushing on the first knuckle of my hand (the finger is all of a sudden parallel to the pick rather than perpendicular) and just pluck really deep and brush the string with my thumb as i followthrough with my stroke.
hope that made any sense

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use your bridge pickup only. thats what i have to do.
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use your bridge pickup only.

I can get pinch harmonics using my neck pickup just fine, even played clean or on my acoustic. People seem to be under the impression you can only get pinch harmonics to come out using a hot bridge pickup with massive amounts of gain and highs. It just isn't so. For a challenge, try getting them using two pickups at once (middle position on two pickup guitar, 2nd and 4th position on three pickup guitar).

Threadstarter, if you are unsure of how to do them, try finding your natural harmonics over your neck pickup to start out with (assuming you know about natural harmonics). Just lightly touch the string somewhere around where the 24th fret would be (assuming you have less than 24 frets). Work your way close to the bridge until you find them all. Those are gunna be your sweet spots. Now, pick a note, say, 7th fret on your G string. Try picking that note while simultaneously (actually a millisecond after, but yeah) grazing that natural harmonic over your neck pickup with your thumb. Those are going to be your easiest pinch harmonics usually. Once you've got those down, move close to your bridge. They get a little higher and tighter, huh? I don't know how many there are, but with time, you will be able to hit dozens of sweet spots for different tones.

I don't see any reason you shouldn't be able to play them holding the pick the way you do. Alot of guitarists hold thier picks that way. I know James Hetfeild does. Just make sure you hold your pick right up by the tip so that just a little bit is protruding out. It makes for a quicker transaction when grazing the harmonic with your thumb. In time, you shouldn't have a problem switching your angle around enough so that you can switch from getting alot of bite for chords, to up close for the harmonics. Eventually, it just become natural. Practice, practice, practice. I know I about drove my folks insane practicing. Still do.
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Pinch Harmonics
You want to produce that pinch harmonics as fast as you possibly can using only your picking finger and fingers very close to it, your thumb. As much of teachers say that you do pinch by the fingertip of your thumb, they may be wrong. Its really uncomfortable to change your normal picking technique and bend your wrists to bang that harmonics by touching it with your tip then bend your wrist again go back to your picking position, that'll just hurt you.

The best and easiest way that i think works best, is to use the left side of your thumb as you pick the note. This move goes really flowly with your picking technique (unless you pick like Marty Friedman than you use the tip of your finger). Zakk Wyle also uses this technique i believe, you dont see him bending his wrist touching the strings with his tip, he just plays really fast and eventually get the pinch by his thumb. Makes you doubt that he's even using his thumb eh? Some of you may think he uses effects, some think he do harmonics with his left hand.

Its helps if you use high output pickup and a lot of distortion in it, higher gauge strings, bridge pickup position. You need to experiment where exactly the point of pinch harmonics depending on ur tuning. You can even use 1 hand to do this, look at Satriani, he pinched the B and e string at the possibly 29th, 31st or the 36th fret and do that wailing sound.

And yes, James Hetfeild hold his pick using 3 fingers like you do, so, feel proud about it and brag....Picking very hard for 1st timers also helps, and you may lose a pick or two but later on, you'll know how to conserve the picking power and just do a pinch by picking soft.
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lol i didnt read most of your post but i think i do the same. I quickly flick my wrist and touching it as fast as possible, making your thumb rest (ex: u pinch harmonic on the g string) my thum would be laying on the low e,...a,d.
i used to hold it using three fingers but it seems to have naturally changed into a two finger grab.
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I have a different way of doing pinchies,

first try this; hold the pick over a string, and place the pillow of ur pinkie finer just under it very firmly, so both the pinkie and the pick are touching the string, then pick the string but dont remove the pinkie, you should hear a small pinch harmonic, if you dont get one, keep trying cuz it does take some time.

then as u pick and as the pinkie produces your pinch harmonic then move the pinkie away to make the sound last longer.

keep trying
hope that helped