So I'm getting a half-stack for my birthday, and I'm wondering how many watts and ohms would be best for the head and the head.

I think it's best if the cab is 2x as many watts as the head, so as to give "head room"... but I'm not sure.

Also, what if they're different ohms. I saw a good deal on a marshall head, which was 8 ohms, and it was on top of a 4 ohm cab. I think it's likely that that arrangement was meant to be a full stack.


edit: i tihnk it's the other way around... more wattage in the head than in teh cab. I have no clue, though.

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Hey Bob, lol.

You probably want a cab that has a wattage rating equal to or higher than the head. If you intend to blast it really really loud, get a cab with a higher wattage rating. Otherwise, it doesn't matter.

Amps always have a minimum impedance load. Heads will usually say "minimum 4 ohms." So if you had a 250W head, and it had a minimum load of 4 ohms, you can either buy a 4 ohm cab or an 8 ohm cab. 4 ohm cabs offer least resistance, so you get more wattage.

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Oh crap!
Now try and explain with use of the word power instead of wattage love you really

Which marshall is it? if it's an MG or an AVT then get something else...don't buy stuff just 'cause it says marshall on, they sound reeeeeaallly bad - i had one
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It seems like he wants a Marshall MG or something, honestly, don't get it man, or at least compare it to loads of decent valve amps, then decide if you still want it (you shouldn't do)
And is there really any need for you to get a half stack?
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