I listen to and play music like Atreyu's, As I Lay Dying
and Bullet for my Vallentine. The amp I use is a 65 watt Kustom.
It has a really good sound but doesn't have the same grunt as a
Marshall. I was thinking of purchasing a peddle made by
digitech. The "Death Metal" pedal.
Does anyone own or know about this pedal and if so
will it provide the right sound to play with these
bands music.
not to flame or offend...but its a horrible sounding pedal. NO versitality. gain is always on full. "We've cranked the gain to 11 and ripped off the knob!" is the slogan. lol i HATE to say this but maybe a Boss MT-2 would be better. *shoots himself in head*

wait, is it a TUBE amp youre playing thru???

[edit] if you guys havnt figured out by now....i hate "metal" pedals.
oh. then yeah... try out a Boss MT-2 (youll either love or hate it). or the Boss MD-2. those are about as heavy as you get.
Yeah go for the MT-2...I had the Digitech pedal starting out and it was just horrible. Its sounded really crackaly and cheap....
to be honest as well, the digitech sounds like utter crap and if you want a totally verstile distortion pedal, then go for the metal zone mt-2. i have it and really rocks
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