Alright just out of curiousity, what are some of the best tubes to get for my peavey 5150 II. Im lookin for High gain, Metal sound...I heard that the mesas are pretty good....

And also What exactly do Power tubes and preamp tubes do? I think I heard that the power tubes control of course the power of the amp. and preamp tubes are for the EQ and controls? somthin like that.
Im not right up on exactly what valves do but the Preamp tubes give the gain and the poweramp tubes give the volume. Im not sure about EQ as far as tubes go but your preamp tubes can either be pre EQ or post EQ in the amps circuits, but thats all down to the makers of the amp and theres nothin us mere mortals can do about it. It has a big difference in how powerful yor EQ will be. If anyone actually knows, I wouldnt mind knowing for sure.
As far as the best valves go, give your local valve specialist a ring and tell them exactly what kinda sound you want and they'll tell you the characteristics of the tubes they think would best suit you and the sound your after. I use JJ tubes, there really good for a metal sound. Loads of output and really sweet punchy harmonics and a solid low end. I like em a lot. I think there the valves Machine head use in there 5150's.
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The preamp shapes yo' TONE....... (which is quite probably the most important musical aspect second only to "feel")........ THe power amp, powers the signal to be audible....

Best High Gain tubes ?? well, prepare..............

-Diezel Herbert ........... 4500$ WTF indeed !!
-Bogner Uberschall
-Soldano SLO-100 (with an OD pedal)
-VHT...... er I guess all of'em are supposed to be uber-metallish...
-Mesa Boogie Dual/Triple Rectifier (The MOST CHEAP OF THE AMPS STATED)

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Ok..... which amp ........ pre or power ??

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i'd say poweramp tubes are very important (especially for hi-gain applications)

for my "metal", i usually like 6L6s in the power section (but im still searching for the right ones myself)

for preamp my favorite makes would be EI (for sure), NOS, and maybe Elektro Harmonix or Sovtek styled (or JJs, they're alright)

if you REALLY want the right tubes, you'll do what all the rich, rich, richies do - buy a ton of different tubes and test them all out - it's a long and painful process (that rich people can do) - i, luckily, dont have to buy a ton of tubes to test them though (i know enough people with similar amps)