I just wonder if there is any good lessons that helps you to practice changing chords in a good way. I know how to take most of the basic chords but I can only take them really slow. So there is no flow when I play the guitarr.

Sorry for my bad english...
If you can at least take them really slow, you have the hang of it. There was nothing different I did from when I first learnt chords to how I do them now, I just practised over till It got up to speed I guess.
I can still remember the day vividly when I went from where you
are at now Persbyn, to making actual flowing changes.

I blew me out, I went with great excitement to a friend and said,
WOW!! look at this, I can play a 3 chord song.

Huh! no need to explain just " how excited " my friend was to
be informed of this

But anyhow Persbyn, don't worry, it can seem impossible at times,
but it will happen and you won't look back.

And also, don't be obsessed with perfection.
I've been playing off and on for over 20 years, and I can wake up
some mornings and still fluff an open G C D chord progression
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start slow, work up the speed at a pace you feel comfortable with. just take it slow.
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Find a song you like(I used American Pie for my first time doing this)and play the chords slowly. If it takes you 3 seconds to shift your hands to the next postion, then the length of the chord should last 3 seconds, and so forth. Eventually you'll build up speed and be able to do it.
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Take it slowly. As you do with everything when you want to build up actual speed. I still remember the first day the chords just started to click with me. I was just playing some song with the chords C, G7, and A, and I was just so excited when I hit that G7 so cleanly after strumming the Cs. It all comes with practice and a gradual build up of speed.

Good luck!

Unfortunately, there is no real trick to grasping chord transitions. There's always gonna be growing pains with this area of playing guitar. You just have to stick with it and practice until the transition becomes so much of a habit that your hand automatically moves where you want it to.