Is there a way to neatly cut the strings at the tuners once finsihed so that they don;t stick out and gouge you!!??

I cut mine prety short and tried to fold them around a little but they wouldn't stay, so some of them stick out a little, the treble strings are quite sharp.
i just cut them off as short as possible with wire cutters, don't have a problem after that.
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yeh you will still get poked by them sooner or later but just best to avoid touching the headstock if you know there are sharp stuff on it
OK, weren't sure whether to cut them right close in case they slipped, but I'll cut them back a touch shorter
wire cutters, I leave about an inch of string cmoing out of the headstock on mine, and I dont cut them until at least an hour after restringing, otherwise my string might slip or something stupid like that
dude... just wiggle it out... for acoustic and electric guitars, i just wiggle them out. after puttin in the strings and tuning them, i grab the part thats stickin out, bend it where it comes outta the hole, then i keep bendin it, then i wiggle it out, then it just comes right off. the lower strings, after u wiggle them, they'll snap but there will still be a little piece hangin so u gotta wiggle that out... then after that, u gotta tune again cause it'll be outta tune for all that wigglin
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dude... just wiggle it out... i just wiggle them out.

Haha, I've just been reading the sex threads, so it's obvious what wiggling things out conjures in my mind.

I cut the strings to about 2/3 of an inch long after tuning and then wind the excess round the tuner - it keeps the sharp end from sticking up from the headstock into my hand.
I either cut them off with pliers, or just use something blunt to bend them down so the ends face the headstock. Problem solved.
I cut them as close as possible, but I can't find my good wire cutters. So i have to use scissors. lol
on gigs, i would be shorten them just a little so if it snaps (my always snaps on the bridge part). I cut the part where it broke just a little, and put it back in my floyd (dunno if it works on a hardtail guitar?). I would be leaving the g,b,and high e without cutting since they break the easiest....
There's a scene in the movie Desperado where Antonio Banderas hits a guy in the face with the headstock of his guitar. Can you say "laceration?"

just use something blunt to bend them down so the ends face the headstock.

That's what I do.
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^ Nice.

I just cut em short and pushed them around a little. JD