hey I have a squire strat (yeah I know it s*cks, but I will buy a schecter hellraiser).
I play in dropped tunings very often and wanted to ask which strings are teh best. now I have D'Addario EXL 120 nickel super light (.09-.42)
which ones would you recommend?
the brand doesnt make a difference, but at least have 11's on there if you wanna drop tunings a lot. Generally tehe lower you wanna go the better it is if you get thicker strings for stability
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any .11s, i use dean markley blue steel .11s i can go all the way down to drop B with them
Ernie Ball Not even slinky is a good recomendation. I think that's what there called.
ive heard using .12s without a truss rod adjustment can mess up your neck, is that true
everly makes these x-rocker strings that kick ass. They make the gauges for their strings according to the tuning you want to play.
You didn't actually star out "sucks", did you?

Anyway, my Strat is in D-standard (Drop C, but without the drop), and I've got it strung with .09-.46 gauge strings.
neh, but you're danno

and also, .46 is probably enough on the low e. I believe a lot of 9 sets go to 42. you definitely need at least 10's, and maybe even 11's. my rule is that if you're going up or down more than one gauge, you should adjust your rod. your truss rod.
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ive heard using .12s without a truss rod adjustment can mess up your neck, is that true

Only if you're going to have it at standard tuning, the tension of 11's tuned to a D or C will much as such as a set of 9s at standard.
ahhh thanks, i had .12s on an esp horizon bolt on neck in standard then a full step down
I tune to drop c and use Ernie Balls 10-52 but i put a 54 in the bottom. At that tuning with these strings you shouldnt have to touch your truss rod. Its roughly the equivelant of using 9-42 in regular tuning but if your not sure, nip it in to your logal guitar shop and they'll sort you out for free most probably coz its only a 2 minute job if you know what your doin. If you dont, dont do it yourself.
I know someone who overtightened the truss rod on a Gibson Les Paul Std and snapped the nut off, leaving him with a guitar that either needed a new truss rod fitting ( which meant replacing the neck on most set neccked guitars ) or binning.
for what you play, do not go ever 11s

i have my SG VOODOO in low tuning all the time..its in B alot, so i use 11-70...yes, thats right, a 70:P
I just equipped my Les Paul Classic with Ernie Ball 11 Beefy Slinkey. They are optimized for drop tunnings and they quite a lot of sound. But note that the first 10 minuttes you use them they do sound a little paper-like, but that's just 10 mins.

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Only if you're going to have it at standard tuning, the tension of 11's tuned to a D or C will much as such as a set of 9s at standard.

If you get heavier strings and you have it in D, it has just as much tension than if you have it in standard b/c your only dropping the E when you put it to d. If you play in C# or lower your neck will be fine, and I'm saying this from experience.
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i think that you can go with Dean Markley SkullBuster's. They're great for Dropped-D and C...But it sounds tasteful as well as in your face tone. Goes great with overdrive and distortion too. only problem is the bottom 3 strings sound kinda bad when playing with overdrive. Other than that they're great.
omg..... yes, the types of strings do matter (but only for the sound, some strings sound better than others, i stopped using ernie ball's waaaaaay back when cuz i'd break'em everytime i picked up my guitar) if you use super thick strings at really low tunings like .70 tuned to drop B, you should probably be ok, i use .70 and tune anywhere from B to standard E, you definately want to use thicker strings for lower tunings i would recommend .52 or lower if you're tuning any lower than D, you don't want'em flapping in the wind y'know.