hey I'd like to play some easy metal songs. It doesn't matter of which band they should only be pretty easy and sound good. just some nice riffs. i am a beginner so please don't recommend something too difficult.

Thanks a lot
most metallica song are piss to play. nearly anything off the Black alubum. urm blacksabbath.

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"enter sandman" or "for whom the bells toll" by metallica
you can even try "conquer all' by behemoth but it's a different tuning though. =]
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iron man

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i play now for one year but not very often I started playing regularly about a month ago...I take lessons for 6 months now but only play blues stuff and normal chords...I'd like to play metal so keep telling me some...;-)
ac dc hells bells was the 1st i learned sounds cool cranked up too
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In Your Face - Children Of Bodom

Most of it is pretty easy. Good to practise on.
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Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin (Probably the easiest song they ever made)

Almost anything by black sabbath, paranoid, iron man, NIB...

Run To the Hills by Iron Miaden.

Smoke On The Water, Deep Purple

There are plenty of easy stuff. If you want to learn the whole song then I think that the immigrant song is easiest becouse it has no solo.