Anyone have this particular bass??

I have a Mex-Fender Jazz and recording with that is awsome!! Nice tonal quality over all.

But Ive been trying to record with this Ibanez 305DX bass and seems like the bass records pretty muddy. They come with IBZ-DX5N pickups on the neck and the bridge. If anyone owns this and has experience with this, I was wondering how much of a difference would changing the pickup's to EMG's would make on this bass. I love the playability of this bass and I could get it to sound good when recorded, it would just be great because of the active sound.

Any one with this bass notice the "muddy" sound??

PS: What should I be really looking for as far as difference between Active/Passive sound? I have read a lot about it, but it just seems that active sounds like it has a lot more gain when played? I might be wrong..