hi, just wondering, can you get rickenbacker copies?
its just that i REALLY WANT A RICKENBACKER! , and i know the real ones are expensive as hell. so can you tell me if you can,and if so, where i can get them...
I did see one ages ago on ebay, but i'm not sure of make or anything.
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It's hard to find them. I think the most coveted are the old Ibanez copies. They're rare, but they are attainable.
I looked around, and i found ibanez, sigma and kay do copies of rickenbacker basses, but they all seem to be at least from 85 and earlier so iunno how easy it will be to find one
I don't think that Warmoth did Rickenbacker copies. Unless you're talking about guitars rather than basses...
Rickenbaker has filed lawsuits against companies wanting to copy them.

They do not allow their bass design to be copied, therefore you will see only a few copies.

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I knew a guy with an Ibanez Rick copy... it sounded pretty cool but was a bit messed up. It was pretty old.

Rickenbackers are not THAT expensive, either. They're only like $800 on Musicians Friend. That is relatively inexpensive for a bass.
Used ones, surprisingly, arent nearly that expensive. Guitar Center (ughhhh...) had one for about $760. It wasnt Beatles quality, but their isnt really a bad ric.
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