well it took a little longer than i hoped to get this up... i was just lazy i guess. haha.

i didn't do vox this time because i kept screwing up. i kept squeakin like i'm still in puberty or something. which, that could very well be. lol.

fyi, i had to try the intro over 120 times. that was so hard to do for some reason. stupid harmonics. but i got it.

check it out. dmusic is still in my sig. lol.
As I listen to it,

A couple of Dead Harmonics in the intro
Same for the last in the verses
Chorus, pretty well in most places, a few mistakes but nothing overly noticeable.

Overall a good job, only real critsism is the dead harmonics, if you were unable to hit it cleanly it may have been better to play the root note instead.

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