So, running through Malmsteens Far beyond the sun(its not that bad) I stumbled upon some note lengths that I have no idea about. As you can guess, they are fast, but I would like to know exactly how they are made. For example, instead of under three notes you have brackets with a 3 on them, indicating a triplet, but you have several notes with 6, 7 or 10s under them. Do please help.

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Sextuplets = play 6 notes over the period you would usually play 4 of them (think triplets times 2)

Septuplets = play 7 notes over the period you would 4 of then

10...whatever the name is = player 10 notes over the period you'd play 8 of them

or you can get into even more screwed up things: http://vai.com/LittleBlackDots/tempomental.html
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