Hi, I have an effects pedal which allows me to record a 10 second sample of music from cd or whatever and then play it back at slower speeds without altering the pitch so that its easier to figure out fast guitar solos or riffs etc. I find this really useful but its a bit awkward to use. Just wondering if anyone knows of, or can recommend a program that allows you to do the same with cds or mp3s on your pc?
Cheers for any help.
Windows media player does it...
it one of the efects bit. (here u do equlaisers n stuff)
i dont know of a program that records cds but i do know that power tab is awesome if you want to try that( or course you prolly have it already) download.com and search powertab and its under power tab 1.7 and you download the power tab of the song you want from ug and it plays it for you and highlights the tabs while its playing so if you dont already have it check it out!
i use audacity for recording and stuff like that.. idk how it is compared to others of its kind
Freepower mentions the greatest tool for music ever, next to perhaps instruments!
I just bought the guitar port.

The software it comes with not only allows you to download tracks from their site and play them at half speed, but load your own mp3's, too.

It plays it in half speed without changing the pitch at all.

If you download the tracks they provide, it provides the tab and breaks the song out (intro, verse, chorus, bridge, etc...)

It also allows you to loop by sections and provides the tab for the song as you go along so you can play with the track. It also loads the setting for the amp mods, cabs, effects so you sound pretty much exactly like the recorded track.

When you load your own mp3's, it's a bit more limited. You can only play it at normal and half speeds. Never the less, for $100, it's an amazing learning tool (among many other things).