I'll be receiving an ESP Stef B-7 (7 string baritone) in a couple of months. I would have gone sith the LTD version but I really prefer the quality of the ESP's so it's worth the extra money to me. I play alot of drop a for serious metal that is my reason for going with a baritone. This will be my first 7 string I also have an ESP eclipse 2 but I just can't find myself modifying the crap out of it to drop down to A it handles drop c okay but it's a stretch even with thick strings on it. What do yall think of this axe? I wanted an Ibanez 7 string Ibanez but I noticed that it has been discontinued for quite some time but this ESP Stef looks phenominal as far as quality and looks. Let me know if yall think I made a good decision. Thnks in advance.
I'm sorry I'm not really answering your question, but I had a question myself:

The baritone 7-strings here are tuned B-E-A-D-G-B-E
Isn't that standard 7-string tuning? Is the scale length only extended for tighter strings? Cos I fail to see the point.
yes that's the basic tuning the reason for the extended length is so that when you tune low you don't deal with string buzzing and the tone is just overall better. Actually if you were to go with a smaller length you would need thicker strings to eliminate string buzzing and all the other mess that's involed with trying to down tune a standard guitar....especially in drop a.