Okay, I wanna make my next purchase an EQ pedal, and have singled out 3 that are in my price range, I have read reviews of all 3, but they are a lil mixed, does anyone here own any of the following?

Boss GE7 £55
Danelectro - Fish and Chips £30
MXR - M109 £69

It seems alot of people say the Boss pedal is very noisy and produces a lot of unwanted humming and hissing.
There arent really that many reviews around for the MXR, and as for the Danelectro, I know normally these pedals are crap, but for this particular model many said that it produced less noise than the boss one, and was better, for around half the price.

Any opinions people?


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I have the boss and MXR not the Danelectro so im not sure but out of the two i would say the MXR the Boss sux your tone a little
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Okay, thanks.
Did you find the Boss Noisy at all? That seems to be the main concern for alot of people
Playing guitar is an addiction, only without the liver damage and rehab clinics.
My Boss is a bit noisy, but I use it as a volume boost as well, so that contributes, too.
Ya i need like 4 different EQ Pedals to get all i need so im thinking about looking into a mulit channel Rack mount EQ. 1 Volume Boost, 1 Rhythm Mid Scoop, 1 Mid High for piercing Leads, 1 CLean. im so needy lol

but back on topic i never used the boss as a volume boost i used it to scoop. kinda noisy sux tone. the MXR is really good almost no tone suckage and almost no noise if you combine it with a MXR gate its awesome
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Okay, thanks for the input guys.

Anyone out there own a danelectro and care to share?
Playing guitar is an addiction, only without the liver damage and rehab clinics.
out of those 3, MXR by far.
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I´m looking for an multi-effect pedal, but don´t really know which will be the right one. It should sound like classic metal and thrashmetal bands (e.g. Metallica, Slayer, Sepultura,...). Drumcomputer and USB-Port would be nice. I especially read about Digitech RP 350, Boss GT-8, MT-2 Metal-Zone. What´s the difference?

Could anybody help me and give me some information or tell some experience? Thx a lot.
I did a thread like this awhile back. The general view seemed to be between the Boss or the MX. The boss is alright, but noisy apparently, whereas the MX has a few more channels and no noise. Go for the MX, I'd say. Costs a little more, but apparantly worth it.
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On a budget the Danelectro is great. Even though it is plastic, it is hard enough to not easily break, and the sound is wonderful at the price. Now if you have more dough to blow, I would go with the MXR 6 or 10 band eq. More versatility (with the 10 band) and a slightly better overall sound. But all of these pedals are slightly noisy.
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