Ok im about to go pick up my VOX amp tonight after a while of pondering it over. And I've been hearing that it plays distortion badly, i want to play classic rock too but i also want to play nirvana songs from it because thats what our band pratices too, and grunge is becomming more of our style, but what i wanted to know is.. will i be able to get a good distorted sound out of the VOX lets say if i bought a DS-2/DS-1 and hooked it up too it or would i still get a bad sound due to the distortion? and if it wont play grunge type music what would be my best bet for around $350-$400 at around 50Watts , or loud enough to hear over a drummer?
No. Cubes do METAL better, and that's it. Voxes are great for distortion.

And you can get a good Nirvana tone on a Vox by overdriving any of the Fender models.
Alright look man i got the 30 watt of this amp over the weekend and it is the **** the distortion models and amp models as well as the reverb effects r spot on. As for getting a nirvana sound out of it yes u can. Go to valvetronix.net/valvetronix/artist.html

They have a few setings for some of their songs and im sure u could tinker around on ur own and get others and as fo the classic rock and grunge sounds the distortion can do it all just **** around with the controls
General Sound for Nirvana:
Model: Black 2x12 or for a little more low-end bite Tweed 4x10

Bass:8 o'clock position
Mids: Full
Treble: 3 o'clock position

Gain: 11 o'clock

Distortion Pedal:
Gain: 11 o'clock
Level: A little louder than without the pedal

(Note: I also have Low, Mid, Mid Freq, and High controls on my pedal if you need them for a certain pedal.)