I would like to fit emgs to my peavey, here is a pic of tha bitch (oh an my new amp for ma bday )

can people help with circuit diagrams. Also is there any good alternatives to EMGs? i'm looking at seymor dimbucker dimazrio (or howeva u spell it)
The pickups will come with schematics for wiring, alternately, check the websites of the manufacturer of the pickups. I use Seymour Duncans and their schematics are spot on as well as their website schematics.

In honesty, it's not that difficult, just know what you're doing with a solder iron to rpevent cold solders which will be detrimental to the sound you want, to say the least.
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yeh thanks, i do eletronics at school, its that not movin the solder untill 10 secs after?
do i need new pots and switches? do they come with the pickups?
whats the dimebucker like?
if i get the wylde set then i know those are chunky mothers. that will take a bit of set up.
what about the dimebucker???
The dimebucker sounds close to Dimebag's signature guitars, oddly enough, it being his custom pickup and all, for that you probably won't need new pots.

As for EMGs, they come with volume and tone pots but you won't need a new pickup switch no matter what happens.

Also, as for alternatives to EMGs i'm not sure if there are many other active pickups out there, theremust be some, I just don't know what brands do them, if you want an alternative that's passive then some ceramic pickups would be best, they're the hottest magnets.
actually he just helped design the dimebuckers, dimebag actually used Bill Lawrence XL 550 i belive is the model...[/QUOTE

Thats true. He didn't start using the dimebucker till the damageplan days. They are still an ok pickup but can't touch the bill lawerance.
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If you decide to switch to EMG actives you may end up changing more than just the pickups. You'll need room for batteries and you might also change your pots to 25k. It's simpler to change to other passive pickups.

Depending on the style of music you play (EMG would indicate metal)...

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Dimebuckers BLOW.

Seriously. No clarity at all. You're much better off with EMGs or Bill Lawrence.
ja i play metal, i'll try and get some amp sounds for u (who eva asked)

instead of emgs because now i dont want to bother with batteries, from the info given, i need a good metal sounding passive pickup with ceramic magnets right?

Go with the Bill Lawrence Xl 500's if you don't want emgs, which really arent that much of a pain. I put mine in myself and I am in no way gifted with wiring or soldering jobs. But if you want passives again I say the Xl 500s are your best choice.
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go for the emg 81's there the best sounding pickups for hi gain metal work!!

and for passive pickups get seymore duncans they are the best sounding passice pickups i have heard
go for the bkp nailbomb or duncan distortion
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Since everybody seems to be oblivious to how to install EMGs, I'll tell you since I install all my own ****. You will need new pots. The EMG pickups will come with them and they are 25K instead of the 500K that you most likely have, strats use 250K. You will need to replace the jack because you will need a stereo one that will come with the pickups. EMGs use stereo jacks because one channel is used for the guitar signal and the other one turns on the battery power to the pickups, hence, you have to unplug your guitar after you're done otherwise the batteries will drain. You DON'T need a router to route out a cavity in the body to fit the battery. Companies do this from the factory if the EMGs are coming stock, but if you are putting them into a guitar that did not come with stock EMGs, then you just fit the ****in thing into the cavity with all the pots. Just wrap it in the foam that comes in the EMG box and you'll be all set. I have switched my 81-85 set out of three guitars now until finally deciding where i wanted them, and they have always fit into the cavity, even in my explorer. Mentioned earlier, the pickup selector is fine and will not require anything. That is pretty much all the details you need. It's amazing how many guitarists really know nothing about the guitar itself (personal commentary). Take it to a store to be installed if you have never done it before, or just do it yourself and save the $50 like I have always done. Good Luck!
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